Martial Arts National and State Champion

As a martial artist with 28 years of experience under his belt, in addition to 13 years as a Personal Trainer, I have made fitness, conditioning, and martial arts my life. I enjoy helping others achieve their goals, and break through mental barriers such as "This is too hard!" or "Impossible!". Overcoming the hurdles life tends to throw in our paths are the defining markers we will remember looking back. I encourage you to try something different. Step outside your comfort-zone and take a "Risk"!

I started competing at the tender age of 5 years, and continue to participate in tournaments on a regular basis to this day. Throughout my journey as coach, I've aided many students advance in their craft, as well as in their personal growth, inside and outside of the Dojo. Martial arts has always played an enormous part in my life. Through the art I've learned how to endure with a positive attitude, stay humble, and remain disciplined. 

RISK FITNESS CENTER was born out of a simple idea: offer high quality, accessible and affordable education to the community. My unique approach to learning and top quality faculty makes RISK FITNESS CENTER one of the best schools in Bellflower. I invite you to explore our engaging and diverse course schedule, and stop by for a visit to try out a class.



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