A program dedicated to the mental discipline and clarity for understanding of new or unknown emotions and obstacles that arrive in our daily lives. The youth in the program will learn how to analyze and process rather than respond off of unknown instincts and conditionings. Using different techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises, sound healing, and mindfulness workshops, we channel the energy needed to better control and understand how the brain works.  The Higher Self Mindfulness program is added to the martial arts system at Risk Fitness Center to give the child a total overall Mind, Body and Spirit alignment. 

This program is also available Saturday mornings at 11am for adults that wish to learn more about themselves, and, how to tap into the infinite energy we all hold within! In the adult class we will also be talking about consciousness, crystals, chakra balancing, energy healing, sexuality, and how to open up our third eye.


The Higher Self Mindfulness program is a Non Profit 501c3 dedicated to the uplifting and supporting the adolescents in the Bellflower and the Greater Long Beach suburbs to assist in motivating and empowering our future citizens and leaders of our communities and country














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